9 questions to NAOS, a Marin’s client
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9 questions to NAOS, a Marin’s client

NAOS POS Display

Because factual examples are always better than a long explanation, we went and asked one of our clients to present how a good tailored POS display is the key to success for In-Store Marketing. Therefore, we were happy to welcome Hélène Baudet and Agathe Tissot, respectively Marketing Tools Buyer et Project Manager Trade Marketing & Merchandising for NAOS !

For how long have you been working with Marin’s?

Hélène Baudet : I think that it all started with an artificial product that Marin’s designed for us for Bioderma a few years ago, but our collaboration truly developed at the end of 2017.

Who is NAOS ?

As a major international actor in the skincare indsutry, NAOS gathers three brands centered around ecobiology: Bioderma for dermatology, Institut Esthederm for cosmetics and ETAT PUR for customized skincare. Regarding ecobiology, it is a skincare technique centered around the use of natural mechanism, rather than chemical treatments.

What products from Marin’s have you already used?

Hélène Baudet : We’ve used quite a few of them! We ordered a customized LAMà® with a spinning wheel, as part of a contest for the customers. We also used the LAMà® as giant mock-ups, but also a as tailored POS furniture with containers designed to highlight our products. There’s also the LAMà® Table™, which we often use for promoting our solar solutions, or even the LAMà® Panamà™ with a clic-set stand that we chose for our operation for Monoprix.

What is the LAMà® ?


Once again, the LAMà® is Marin’s iconic POS display solution for more than twenty years: a polyvalent in-store marketing tool, easily foldable, easy to carry and fully customizable. The LAMà® Panamà™ is one of its cousins, taller and larger for a wider surface of communication, and the LAMà® Table™, as a counter version.

What do you expect from Marin’s as a tailored POS display provider?

Hélène Baudet : First of all, that they understand and take into consideration our constraints! They have to be able to make relevant propositions while being highly reactive.

According to you, which in-store marketing campaigns realized with Marin’s really stood out?

Hélène Baudet : I would say the Monoprix campaign. It was the first time that we were using Marin’s products for a true shop-in-shop setup. There was also the creation of the mock-up for our Photoderm Lait Famille, quite imposing but easy to assemble, or even the design of the H2O furniture for the Showroom 2019 project.

bioderma instore

Can you tell us more about the Monoprix operation. What was your specification?

Hélène Baudet : To be more concise, the key words of this campaign were : easy assembly, practicality and estheticism. All of that combined with a controlled budget.

What is shop-in-shop display for in-store Marketing?

In-store shop-in-shop display aims to create a proper staging throughout several tailored POS display elements, in order to attract customers at the point of sale. From arches to carrousels, furniture and podiums, everything is made to enhance the customers experience!

What were your Marketing goals?

Agathe Tissot : We had numerous ones! We needed to gain visibility, but also to develop our brand image. This type of in-store marketing campaign is an opportunity to boost the customers experience at the point of sale, by guiding our clients in their purchasing journey with personalized counseling. In the end, our final goal was of course to boost sales.

How did Marin’s answer to your expectations?

Agathe Tissot : Simply by creating tailored POS display elements that were valuing our brand, by being adapted to both our graphic charter and the one from Monoprix.

What was the impact that this in-store marketing campaign had on your sales?

Agathe Tissot : We noticed a strong sales progression during this operation!

How was the display perceived by the facilitators?

Agathe Tissot : They all emphasized the visual impact of the podium, a true assert for the brand that engaged well with clients, even from far away. It was a great opportunity to promote our Laboratoire Bioderma brand, within a privileged space that is usually reserved for cosmetics displays. According to our facilitators, it is rare to see a setup that successful for a dermo-cosmetic brand, even though they are pretty familiar with this kind of operation!

A tailored service for a tailored POS display, unlimited creativity and unfailing reactiveness, that is the key for a long-term collaboration between a major player of the skincare sector and an In-Store Marketing specialist. NAOS and Marin’s, a successful collaboration that is to be continued!