Welcome to our new offices!
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Welcome to our new offices!

After many years spent in the suburbs of Paris, Marin’s International and Marin’s France have moved back to Paris.

Our Headquarters are now found at 62 Boulevard Davout 75020 Paris, France.

Moving back to Paris was important for Marin’s as we wanted to be in the heart of the capital to facilitate visits for our clients and international partners.

We called on our previous office neighbours and interior design experts MTOP-Unik to manage the moving and renovating of our 650m2 space. The idea for our “Marin’s: The Next Generation” offices was to create a work environment which would spark creativity, productivity and well-being amongst our teams and encourage collaboration between staff.

One of the first changes we made to our work environment was to remove all office walls and cubicles and have open space offices with our different departments grouped together. The only area we have enclosed is our designers’ prototype workshop; intended to keep machine noise to a minimum.

Removing office walls was also a chance to reaffirm our work ethic based on sharing and exchange between our people. Whether it be our clients, our partners or our team members, the quality of our relationships is at the heart of our activity. Our interior decoration was also designed with this in mind; it is both modern yet timeless and radiates warmth and friendliness.


Friendship at the forefront

Our mezzanine has been completely dedicated to our company culture. A cosy seating area to welcome visitors. A communal kitchen for our staff to eat together. A break area which, thanks to its benches and cushions, is also used to host our team meetings.


Teamwork even in the interior design

12 of our team members showed off their much-needed architectural skills and participated in the interior design of our new office space. A design competition was setup for 3 of our empty rooms to transform them into mini meeting rooms or telephone boxes. From pitching their creative proposals to picking out the furniture, our 3 teams worked on designing the best possible meeting rooms for our company.


We can’t wait to show you around!


We all agree that we love our new offices! They are comfortable, bright and stimulate sharing between our different departments…what could be better?!