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Marin’s is dedicated to creating, manufacturing and distributing innovative in-store solutions for brands and retailers across the world. We are specialised in developing bespoke point-of-sale displays for over 20 years and are the exclusive distributor of the renowned LAMà® Display.

Pushing the boundaries of Point-of-Sale marketing

As part of Quad, a leading global provider of marketing services with a strong print foundation, our in-store expertise is enhanced by access to world-class technologies and unbeatable customer service. Our clients trust us to create impactful shopper experiences and introduce them to a wealth of additional solutions.

Since the creation of the revolutionary LAMà® Display in 1997, Marin’s emerged as a pioneer of the Point-of-Sale industry. Our LAMà® technology, patented internationally, was the first in in-store marketing history to unfold automatically and set-up in seconds.

Year on year our Design team dares to innovate; each time giving brands access to powerful displays which drive the market and captivate retail audiences across the globe.

+100 countries

across the world

+25 sites

for manufacturing

+10 offices

in Europe

Our 20-year story of in-store innovation


Our LAMà® Display is created by François l’Hôtel

Our First Options: Leaflet-holders- Ballot Box -Header – Die-Cut

LAMà® Displays take on new dimensions: LAMà® Panamà™ and LAMà® Kiosk™

A new option for your displays: Shivà™ extensions

Marin’s designs the Tablamà™

New shapes for the LAMà® Display range: Triangle Rectangle Half-Moon

Protect your display with the Basoto™

A new range of load bearing displays

Marin’s® creates the LAMà® Americube™

The Clic range is launched

Marin’s® invents the LAMà® Shoulder Kiosk™

Continuous innovation with the new Carousel B-Max™

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