Learn how we design in-store marketing solutions for the world’s biggest brands


With fresh ideas and single-source simplicity, we have the resources, knowledge and spirit of innovation needed to create unique customer experiences for your brand.

Campaign Planning

We listen to your brief, identify your needs and determine each step of the plan from start to finish with you.

Creative Services

Our team of designers create solutions using 3D renderings and white prototypes to bring your concepts to life.



Whether you’re delivering to a single address or multiple destinations, domestically or internationally, let us take care of deploying your campaign !

Display Manufacturing

Our manufacturing site is equipped with leading technology which guarantees our clients unbeatable quality at competitive prices.

The LAMà® Technology: Our best success story

The LAMà® Point-of-Sale technology was the world’s first cardboard display with an automatic opening.

For brands and retailers all over the world, our LAMà® display was a true game-changer and became the irrefutable reference in Point-of-Sale design. The LAMà® display technology gives Marin’s the power to go further with customised creations and design compelling retail experiences for you and your brand.


Unique designs

all across the world