Back to school 2022
In-Store Marketing Trends

Back to school 2022


In a few months, we will be starting off the Back To School season! Can you hear the school bell ringing? It’s the perfect timing to discover our dedicated POS displays!

Back-to-school time is one of the most important consumer moments. Every year, brands are overflowing with creativity to make their mark at the point of sale and seduce families who flock to the store shelves in search of bargains.

Are you thinking about your Back-to-School operations and looking for the best way to make your products stand out in stores?  Why not try our innovative POS solutions?

Creative in-store setups adapted to all your needs and easy to deploy

Design an impactful central aisle display, make your products stand out on the shelf, accompany a product launch or a promotion, offer a unique immersive experience to your consumers by creating a storytelling… Whatever your objectives for this highlight and whatever your sector of activity, we will be able to demonstrate our inventiveness to help maximize your sales.


Opt for eco-friendly solutions

More than ever, consumers are sensitive to the environmental cause. Thus, engaging in a promotional campaign that respects the planet contributes to building customer loyalty around a strong brand positioning.

To answer this issue, our displays are made from 100% recyclable cardboard from recycled wood fibers. Choosing one of our eco-friendly displays is to ensure the success of an operation in line with the current situation.