How to make your Christmas POS campaign a success?
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How to make your Christmas POS campaign a success?

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As we’re getting close to the best sales season of the year, it is important to state that a successful Christmas display can be a real money-maker… if you proceed to an efficient targeting. How can you achieve that? Let us tell you how.

A successful Christmas display, what is it? For the consumer, an operation promising business without depriving himself or herself and without losing the Christmas spirit. For brands, an operation combining increased visibility and sales volume. And the all-in-one solution is… a clear message, evoking the holidays and linked to an effective promotional action.


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To achieve such a goal, the idea behind the campaign remains the key: it must be strong, innovative and if possible disruptive, without falling into clichés or making the consumer lose his bearings. Once the idea has been narrowed down, the development of the Christmas displays begins, in accordance with the size of the client and the scale of the promotion.

The winning combo for a successful Christmas campaign? A minimum of floor space with a good visibility in height, such as a carousel or inter-pallet pediment. All of this, while presenting a maximum number of products for sale, and with automatic or semi-automatic POS displays to simplify installation.


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As for the timeframe, it all depends on the advertiser: up to a year for XXL projects requiring a long negotiation of the location, a few months for a small brand playing the opportunity. In any case, there is no question of skipping the steps. First the design, then the negotiation, then the development and finally the in-store deployment… with the arrival in stock of the Christmas display two or three months before the holidays, in order to optimize the campaign!