Why You Should Opt for a POS Display in 2020
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Why You Should Opt for a POS Display in 2020


On counters, in aisles, at the head of a gondola or at the entrance to the store, the display is the king of supports, the one that makes a lot of impact at low cost. And in 2020, POS displays have not aged a day, which is proof of that.

The good points of the in-store display

Ask around, when you talk about POS, the display is usually the first one mentioned. Of course, because if this communication star is not the youngest, it keeps all its momentum, whether in terms of marketing performance or visual impact.

Compact, mobile and easy to install, the displays are mobile advertising media capable of adapting to most requirements. Above all, they are highly visible: placed at the most strategic points of sale and designed for maximum visual impact, they are usually hard to miss, whether they provide coasters in a bar, display medicines in a pharmacy or offer samples in a store.

The POS display, for the record…

In POS, the display is a device for presenting documents or products, always placed within reach of the consumer. It displays flyers or brochures, catalogues or business cards, batteries or chocolate… and many others. In terms of the type of display, POS distinguishes between two types: counter displays, which are small and placed on counters, or floor displays, which are larger and placed on the floor at the top of the gondola, near the checkouts, entrance or sales areas. There are also wall-mounted displays, which are frequently used in offices.

In-store displays, the king of impulse buying

A display in the store, what for? Above all, to stimulate impulse buying. If the display is unstoppable, it’s because it highlights a targeted product, within the consumer’s reach and in a place where the consumer tends to linger. Hence the success of the countertop or floor display in front of the cash registers: while waiting for his turn, who doesn’t get busy browsing through the accessible content? And the principle is the same in the aisles of the store, to highlight a favourite product or a promotion while energising the department.

The countertop display, a source of information

Unbelievable but true, a POS display is not only used to sell products, but also to inform. Place brochures or flyers to spread your commitments, game or voting ballots to organize a contest and enrich your customer data… even samples that the curious can examine on the spot or take away, an effective tip to help consumers discover new products or understand how they work!

POS displays, the champion of personalization

With its infinite variety of formats, the POS display is a real marketing chameleon. Miniature or XXL, with extensions or inserts, cut-outs adapted to the product or customised bulletin board holders… As a totem, easel, counter display or on a LAMà®? specialist in customised POS, with a display, everything is possible to create a unique decor and striking marketing.

Space-saving, impactful, mobile and easy to install, would a store display only have advantages? Not only that, but not far. As long as it is custom-designed around the product to be highlighted for an optimized display.