How to stimulate impulse buying with POS display
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How to stimulate impulse buying with POS display

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Attention everyone, seduction operation in sight. To stimulate impulse buying, POS display can do wonders if it aims right: the right advertising medium must charm, attract, enchant the consumer… and convince him to test a product within a few seconds or even less. Quite a challenge indeed, but one worth taking an interest in!

Impulse buying and POS

While triggering the act of buying is already not that simple, stimulating impulsive buying is a real challenge: a product has an average of 8 seconds to attract the eye, capture attention and transform intention. Too complicated? Not with the right communication medium. The act of buying would be impulsive in more than half of the cases for supermarket consumers, a statement that makes you want to refine your point-of-sale marketing strategy.

Choose the right locations to encourage impulse buying

The first step to stimulate impulse buying is to place the advertising medium at the right place in the point of sale. In retail, the layout is the key and is centered around three essential areas. First, there’s the alleys between the shelves, on which real large format displays can capture the attention of customers in the middle of their journey. Then the shelf entrances, or gondola tops, with stockers to highlight products. Finally, the checkout areas, with a counter POS system that favors impulse buying, since they are within reach for customers while waiting at the checkout.


POS and impulse buying: create an entertaining atmosphere

Do you dream of consumers in a good mood? Put them in a good mood! Organize contests, reward their loyalty, set up games and create the atmosphere through an attractive setting with your brand’s colors. All innovative communication media can be customized to include note holders, ballots, wheels and other accessories: a POS that stimulates impulse buying by offering a moment of entertainment.

Temporary actions, the key for impulsive buying

Any consumer is more inclined to impulse buying if the POS indicates that the opportunity is limited in time, exclusive or exceptional. A sense of urgency that few curious people resist, especially if there’s a reward… Take advantage of a merchandising operation to create a unique event: broken prizes, bonuses, gifts or sample distribution highlighted by appropriate advertising media can attract attention, improve your brand image and promote a range of products.

Involve consumers to stimulate impulse buying

To have an impact, a point-of-sale advertisement must engage. In other words, interact with the consumer, again to distract them from their sales journey and immerse them into the wonderful world of impulse buying. How to do so? Through demonstrations, tastings, product tests, etc. And if the presence of animators on the stand is a plus to stage the products, different digital media can also encourage him to interact with the POS.


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Impulse buying: drawing attention to POS display

We will never say it enough, a POS display that stimulates impulsive buying must seduce… and therefore be visible, in order to catch the attention of a concentrated consumer during his buying journey. Good news, the communication media are more imaginative to stand out and present your products with brilliance: tasting stand, dynamic POS with digital options, colours or shop-in-shop areas…. It’s all a question of purpose and location, a strategy to be refined with a professional specialized in personalized POS design… like us, congratulations, you paid attention.

Now you know everything. In retail, stimulating impulsive buying with the right POS display consists in finding the right balance: short-circuiting the consumer’s buying path gently, giving him the impression of an unmissable opportunity and the desire to turn it into a product purchase. All this, thanks to creative, innovative and, if possible, easy to set-up communication support!