In-store highlights : What you need to know
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In-store highlights : What you need to know

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For any company that wants to stand out at the point of sale, it is important to know how to make the most of the various calendar operations that animate the yearSeveral ambitions can motivate the setting up of campaigns during high points of the year:   

  • Boosting sales  
  • Reinforce the brand image  
  • Support a product launch  
  • Building customer loyalty  

How can these different objectives be achievedHere are a few tips on how to take full advantage of all these marketing opportunities and put in place an optimal in-store strategy that will be talked about!   


Reinforce the impact of operations through shop-in-shop  

Today more than ever, the trend is to immerse visitors in the brand’s universe. In order to engage the consumer at the point of sale, it is preferable to be original: focus on an impactful staging by deploying an interactive kit that will stand out more easilyThink personal and tailor-made.  

At Marin’swe support our customers in all their shop-in-shop operations by combining our various POS elements (Kiosk™, Carrousels, Pallet corners…) to create a device adapted to each highlight. We also offer different types of linear decoration to relay the campaign from the entrance of the store to the shelf, including floor stickers.  Our mission: to imagine communication supports in line with the brand’s universeeasy to deploy and offering the visitor a unique experience at the point of sale!   



Stimulate interaction with an animation device  

One of the best ways to create a strong bond with consumers during a high point in time is to set up an animation system. This first of all makes it possible to humanize brand communication, while offering a more dynamic customer experiencethrough tastingscontests or tests directly at the point of sale.  

Animating the point of sale is therefore an excellent way to make the most of a high point, by installing a dedicated corner, reinforced by the presence of hosts and hostesses to encourage interaction!  

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Know how to position yourself according to the different highlights   

There are several types of highlights, each with their own strengths and challenges:   

  • Occasional sporting highlights: These events such as the Euro football championship, the Olympic Games or the Rugby World Cupoccasionally set the pace for the news. As these events have a high rate of adhesionit is important to know how to take ownership of the theme, via a campaign calibrated to create a feeling of complicity with the consumer.  
  • Calendar eventsthese more traditional eventssuch as CandlemasValentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day, are highly codified events that require a semiological approach so that the consumer can identify with the system set up for the occasion.  
  • The unavoidableWe are talking here about events that are well known to brands for their impact on global consumptionWhether it is for Christmas, salesEaster or Back To Schoolinvestment is required, and the system deployed must stand out from the intense competition 



As you will have understoodit is crucial to adapt your in-store marketing campaign according to the high point you wish to exploit. Analysisunderstanding and originality of the message and the medium are the keys to the success of your in-store operation