Sustainable development for companies in 2019
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Sustainable development for companies in 2019

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Every year, the POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising International) provides us an overview of market developments. And this year again, one topic stands out: sustainable development in companies. Let us explain what is at stake here.

Sustainable development and the company at the heart of marketing

The POS marketing market is not immune to the green wave. In the midst of environmental change, corporate ecology is a central subject for all players in the sector, according to a Harris Interactive survey conducted for POPAI, 86% of companies in the sector say they take sustainable development into account in their business. Sustainable development in companies is thus allocated an average of 4% of the budget.

As in almost every year, the proportion of respondents who say they are committed is increasing, with 54% of respondents fully invested, followed by 32% who are partially motivated. And of the 86% of companies concerned, 43% even happen to have human resources dedicated to sustainable development on a part-time basis.

Ecology in companies, demand and conviction

Is sustainable development in companies a matter of conviction? Yes, but not only. Of the proportion of companies declaring that they take ecology into account, 75% say they do so out of personal conviction… and 84% at the request of customers!

If compliance with social, legal and regulatory requirements therefore plays its part in the green revolution, customer demand remains the real driving force. In 2018, 43% of the companies surveyed reported a change in customer demand. In 2019, the score climbs up to 51%. In conclusion? Dive in without hesitation if you haven’t already done so, the future is more than ever oriented towards ecology, sustainable development and ecodesign.